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What is Softwashing?



  What is the difference between Softwashing and Pressure Washing?


Pressure Washing or Power Washing cleaning is achieved by applying cold or hot water in combination with or without cleaners under high pressure up to about 4,000 psi.  These high pressures are not safe and can damage your property used by the inexperienced.  Garco Pressure Washing only uses Pressure Washing on Masonry Surfaces, Wood Stripping, and even then caution is a must.

Softwashing is a safe gentle method of cleaning your home or business exteriors!  Softwashing cleaning is achieved by applying cleaners to the surfaces of your home or business allowed to sit for a determined amount of time and then rinsed away under normal household water pressure between 40psi and 60psi, leaving your home or business nice and clean.

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Never Ever Allow Your Roof to be Pressure Washed!  Pressure Washing your Roof will deteriorate the life of the shingles causing leaks.  In addition, pressure washing your roof voids warranty.

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